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Wayne, Brookwood - 19/06/2017
Outstanding and efficient service
Norman, Liverpool - 25/04/2017
Outstanding and efficient service
Norman, Liverpool - 25/04/2017
Was well impressed, have already recommend your website to several people
Colin, Hornchurch - 08/03/2017
The caricature itself was good however the background was of a poor quality, images taken from the internet and mashed together with solid lines, parts of it look really tacky. While really happy with the caricature the rest fell well below what I expected hoped for based on last time around. Some of these details could not be seen on the low quality proof.Also slightly disappointed that this time you were unable to remove the background for me, this was done last time and assuming it was done in a decent application with layers would have been rather easy for you to do.Customer service was quick and helpful though.
Andrew, High Wycombe - 21/02/2017
Please confirm that this item has shippedThank you
Brian, Lakemore - 17/01/2017
Loved the caricature so much! Very life like cant wait to give it to my fianc
Sameera, Derby - 17/01/2017
Great service I emailed them in a panic a few days before Christmas as a present for my husband and John replied really quickly and said they could help. Very happy with the drawing my husband loves it too. They were happy to help at such short notice and I received the drawing back within a week. Would definitely recommend them
Amy, Loughton - 17/01/2017
Loved the picture. The likeness was really good. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thank you
Zoe, Coventry - 16/01/2017
Very pleased with the charicature. Have seen so many in the past that bear little resemblance to the person but this is really good likeness.
Antony, Southam - 22/12/2016
really appriciate your comments. many thanks
What fantastic service thank you
Christine, Scunthorpe - 22/12/2016
pleased to be of service
Very cool cartoon!
Maria, Guernsey - 22/12/2016
we do try to be cool - many thanks
Very pleased thank you very much, my MD will love itDavid
David, Stowmarket - 19/12/2016
in the good books - well done.Pleased you like it
Absolutely great customer service with fantastic art work. A true likeness - a brilliant artist.
Jeanette, Caldicot - 16/12/2016
Very pleased your happy with the caricature - many thanks
Very professional and helpful. Did a brilliant job. Even when I asked the artist Ti move a few things around in the picture, it was no problem. I would definitely come back and use Bill Ben again, and I would recommend them to everyone who is looking for a Caricature! Thanks.
Joe, London - 16/12/2016
We were delighted to help put together a great caricature. Best wishes with your venture.
Absolutely Awesome lots of people have commented on how good it is.Thank you
Selina, Exmouth - 12/12/2016
delighted your getting some great feedback. Many thanks
I ordered this on the 4th November, proof was received on the 15th A lot longer than advertised, which was when I realised I had sent 1 wrong photo which I corrected immediately. I received the proof yesterday 3 weeks later, again, a lot longer than advertised Updates and email response has been very poor but final product is amazing!
Kelly, Wantage - 07/12/2016
Sorry the turn around was not up to our usual standard but delighted your happy with end product.
Brilliant likeness!! Cant wait for her in doors to open on her birthday!! Recomended!
Nicholas, Pickering - 06/12/2016
Very good will be using your services again in the next few weeks.
Raj, Portsmouth - 06/12/2016
Looks great.Cant wait to see our sons face on Xmas day!Will definitely be ordering again soon
Michael, Wrexham - 05/12/2016
Really pleased, several changes were made with no fuss, however it was only when it arrived I realised that the sunglasses I asked for on top of their heads werent there! Would it be possible to add on and send me another print, Ill pay if necessary as I want it to be perfect. My mistake for not noticing Sounds fussy but they live in Oz and always wear sunglasses! Ps the sunglasses were taken off their eyes and it made the likeness brilliant, thats why they need to be on top of their heads not on eyes. Id be grateful if youd get back to me. Im also about to order another for my other son. Many thanks, Karen
Karen, Romford - 26/11/2016
Fantastic speedy service. Excellent easy to use website. Great likeness.xx
Sarah, St Leonards On Sea - 13/11/2016
We placed an order with John - all very last minute however the company went above and beyond any expectation I had. They even stopped driving to wales, returned to their office to ensure we received our cartoon! and the cartoon was a great interpretation of my co -worker! Very impressed!
Robert, St Neots - 11/11/2016
Love it! Ordering the next one already. Thank you!
Kelly, Wantage - 04/11/2016
Very happy with the final image
David, Stonehaven - 29/08/2016
I am pleased with the finished product. Would recommend to others.
Stephanie, Hampton - 26/08/2016